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Property purchase costs Turkey Some of the most inquiries that come to mind about property purchase costs Turkey are taxes, cost of property transfer, after purchase costs and if these costs are covered in the advertised price of properties. Accordingly, the costs attributed to the purchase process should be clear and transparent before completing the purchase process. Erta International Real Estate...

Mortgage in Turkey

There are many reasons for owning a real estate in Turkey. The purpose of buying a property is not just for a summer holiday, but at the same time is a huge investment opportunity. This is because Turkey has become one of the largest real estate markets in the world. The maximum possible loan amount is 70% of the purchase amount. While the mortgage loan can only be obtained in major cities such as:...

Inspection Trip

The best way to make a decision about buying a holiday home abroad is by taking the time to view it yourself.​Erta International Real Estate arranges customised inspection tours to finding the best  property opportunities in Alanya, Turkey. On the trip you can see what’s on offer, what properties will best suite your budget and which options will serve your needs in the short, medium and long...

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