Legal company “Erta International” since 1999 specializing
on the provision of legal professional assistance when buying property in Turkey, from the selection and search for the object to the legal registration of the transaction. We guarantee quality service and confidentiality of your investment, we provide expert assistance in all phases of the sale, from consulting to select regions of the country and the purchase and ending after-sales service for residential or commercial property.
We provide legal services to the entire Spector:
Search real estate, both primary and secondary;
Help in getting transactions;
Purchase / sale of residential and commercial real estate;
After-sales service;
Russian-speaking representatives;
translator, lawyer.
Assistance in obtaining visas and travel to inspect real estate, etc.
Privacy and personal approach.
We provide the most information on the advantages and disadvantages of a particular region of Turkey, a particular property, select objects and arrange viewings and purchasing real estate with minimal cost and maximum comfort for the customers.
In addition to the standard services: purchase, sale, exchange, lease of residential and commercial properties, “Erta International” developed with consulting, development, investment. We are objects of all segments of the market in Turkey, and our work is carried out by a single high professional standards, buying, selling or renting a property through “Erta International”, you get a guarantee that the transaction will be carried out in full accordance with the law as soon as possible, at the best price, in the most comfortable environment for you.

Описание компании ERTA INTERNATIONAL: 

Приоритетный вид деятельности

  • Продажа жилой недвижимости
  • Аренда жилой недвижимости
  • Продажа/аренда коммерческой недвижимости
  • Строительство, девелопмент, инвестиционные проекты
  • Юридические и консалтинговые услуги
  • Управление недвижимостью
  • Предоставляемые услуги
  • Инвестиционный консалтинг
  • Ознакомительная поездка
  • Операции с земельными участками
  • Открытие счёта в иностранном банке
  • Помощь в оформлении ипотечного кредита
  • Помощь в получении гражданства, оформлении виз, ПМЖ ВНЖ
  • Продажа готового бизнеса
  • Проектирование
  • Страхование
  • Строительные и подрядные работы
  • Юридическое сопровождение на всех этапах покупки недвижимости