Important Tips When You Purchase a Property In Turkey!

TAPU is an official legal document confirming the owner’s rights to real estate, in other words, the valid title deed of a property. The title-deed, TAPU, contains information about the name of the owner, the type of property, and in which area the property is located.

When you register for a TAPU, there are some important points that you have to pay attention to:

  • Any debts or any kind of obligations,
  • Any tax debt or mortgage on this real estate, any judicial record, and for sure the ISKAN permission

ISKAN is the act of putting the apartment into operation (use). If this document does not exist, then you will not be able to connect water and electricity in a legal way and for sure ISKAN plays a great role when you decide to sell your property or in case a need of getting credit from a bank through your property.

  • Title-deeds marked with ‘Kat ırtıfakı’ means Iskan is not available, which marked ‘Kat mülkiyeti’ means there is an existing Iskan.

All this information you can not see on the TAPU document, so very important that  you need to check through title-deed Office Registers, and in my view, those points need to be checked once more just before you sign the final transfer  at the title-deed Office, I name this as “ Last Minute Check”

The purchase cost of a property in Turkey is 4% of the cadastral value. Legally, this cost is paid %50 by each party but this can be changed upon agreement, in practice usually the buyer pays.

The documents that are required for the purchase are:

  • The original passport of the buyer,
  • The buyer’s tax number,
  • A completed application form,
  • Valuation report,
  • A valid title deed (tapu),
  • The ID pass of the seller

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