Alanya Residence Permission( İkamet)

Located on the routes of migration throughout history, the geographical position of Turkey has made it a bridge that connects East to West.¬¬ In addition, as a result of the increasing economic power and political stability, the “transition zone” status of Turkey for migration has changed in recent years and Turkey has become a “destination country” as well. As a heritage of our civilization, Turkey opens its doors to those who flee wars and cruelty
regardless of their race, color, religion, or denomination. Today, more than 3,000.000 citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic under temporary protection, and more than 250.000 foreigners
from various countries under international protection live peacefully in Turkey. In addition to them, thanks to social and economic developments we have achieved in recent years, there are more than 800.000 foreigners who came to Turkey for work, education, health, or other purposes and remain here under a residence permit. Turkish people have always been tolerant towards migration and migrants and live in peace and welfare with more than 4 million foreigners today. A human-rights-oriented competent organization with qualified staff and a strong infrastructure, which develops and implements strategies and current policies with regard to its field of duty as done by its global counterparts has become necessary to manage migration effectively.¬¬ For such reasons, Law no. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection was passed on April 4, 2013, and the Directorate General of Migration Management was established to develop and implement more effective policies on migration.
The Directorate General of Migration Management performs actions and procedures related to the entry of foreigners into, their stay in, and their departure from Turkey as well as international protection, temporary protection, and protection of human trafficking victims. Provincial Directorates of Migration Management were established in 81 provinces and District Group Offices were established in certain districts in Turkey to carry out the procedures for foreigners. Provincial Directorates of Migration Management grant status for foreigners based on certain criteria such as the reason for entry into Turkey. The rights and responsibilities of foreigners depend on their



Communication Center for Foreigners (YİMER 157) is a call center and emergency hotline that provides consultancy and support to foreigners. YİMER operates under the Directorate General of Migration Management and guides foreigners about relevant procedures in Turkey. YİMER is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at 157 hotline from within Turkey and +90 312 157 11 22 from abroad. YİMER provides consultancy about visas, residence permits, international protection, and temporary protection in Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, German and Persian. YİMER also serves as a report line and assistance line for the identification of human trafficking victims and rescuing victims of migrant smuggling.


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