As an ERTA INTERNATIONAL family member,according to the new citizenship law, foreigners may obtain investment citizenship in Turkey as the fastest way without any waiting time.

You can benefit from our citizenship package which will provide an A to Z service to help you in obtaining Turkish citizenship after your purchase of 250.000,00 USD valued property and promise to keep it in hand for 3 years, you have directly Turkish Citizenship with first degree family members.

 As having a real estate lawyer within the house, handling the case become a lot easier compare to the other companies.

Who has an ordinary Turkish passport can travel without a visa, or with a visa received upon arrival, over 100 countries.

A Turkish Passport is placed in the Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, and power ranking of Turkish Passport 102 in 2017.

 Negotiations on visa-free travel are also being carried out between the European Union and Turkey, so even though it is not available now, in the near future Turkey may be granted visa-free travel throughout Europe.

Company of the Erta International considered as one of the most important international real estate marketing company in Alanya. We can guarantee to bring you the best price and we can take care all stage of your property purchase.

Once you buy a real estate with ud we believe our endless reationship is just starting.We would like to welcome you as family member and will do our best to get things done perfectly and always make you satisfied thoughout your experience in Turkey.