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Turkey Statistical Institute has announced its residential sales statistics for the month of June.




Housing sales made in Turkey in June increased by 22.4 percent to 119 thousand 413 tons, 20 thousand 547 residential sales occurred in most shares and 17.2 percent in Istanbul. Istanbul was followed by 12,878 houses, 10,1 percent shares in Ankara, 6,888 houses and 5.8 percent share in İzmir.



 Mortaged Resident Sales Increased 35 Percent 


Across Turkey mortgage sales have increased by 35.3 percent compared to the same month of the previous year was 47 thousand 648. The share of mortgage sales in total housing sales was 39.9 percent. During the mortgage sales, Istanbul received 7,194 housing units and 16,4 percent share. Hakkari was the province with the highest mortgage sales share in total housing sales with 84.6 percent.



Two Thousand Sixty Propertys  Sold In June

Household sales made by foreigners increased by 7 percent compared to the previous month of the republic and were 2 thousand 60. In June 2018, the residential sales made with foreigners took Istanbul with 764 houses sold in the first place. With 525 residential sales in Istanbul, with the sale of 117 residences, Bursa, 83 residences with Ankara and 74 residences with Yalova.


First 3   Iraq,Iran,Russia 


In June, Iraqi citizens have bought 315 from Turkey. Iraq followed by Iran with 228 houses, Russian Federation with 169 houses, Afghanistan with 139 houses and Saudi Arabia with 110 houses

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